Dear Friend,

Lily's Letter

       If you are considering an adoption plan, you have likely already viewed countless profiles of adoptive couples and read the many letters that accompany them. We know the task you have before you is daunting and of eternal importance. Finding the right family for your child is paramount and we are confident that you will find the right family, just as the right child will come to our home. To help you decide if we are that family, we feel that these are the most important things we can share with you (in addition to Josh’s love of Asian cultures, Andrea’s passion for projects, Lily’s desire to dance and Katelyn's excitement for exploring):

• The gospel of Jesus Christ is fundamental to our lives and central to our faith and beliefs.

• We love open adoption and have desires to maintain relationships with our children’s birthfamilies. 

• Education is important to us and we value the continual pursuit of knowledge and skills.

• Our family is financially secure. 

• One of our biggest blessings is a large and supportive extended family that we see often. 

• We intend to provide opportunities for travel, the development of talents, serving in the community, wholesome cultural events and entertainment, physical fitness and hard work.

       We also want you to know how incredible we believe birthparents are and how grateful we are for all of those who have made the courageous choice to create an adoption plan. Though you may choose to place or parent, we applaud your decision to weigh your options and hope you will be supported throughout your journey. You are in our thoughts and prayers!


              Josh, Andrea, Lily and Katelyn