Hi! My name is Lily. My Mom and Dad are looking forward to adopting again, so I thought I’d help out by writing a letter about our family. I may be only eight years old, but I’m a good helper and I love being a big sister.  I hope to have another little brother or sister soon.


       When I was born, Mom quit her job to stay home with me, so we get to play together when I'm not at school or dance. She’s helping me learn all sorts of things like math, spelling, writing and how to keep my room clean.  I am also learning to be responsible and how to treat others kindly.  I am growing up and doing my best!  Mom says I am turning into one smart cookie too, because sometimes I read books to mom and dad, my friends and even my little sister.  My favorite books to read are chapter books, now that I'm getting better at reading big words and following the story.  When I'm not reading, I like to wear my apron and help mom when she cooks and I always want to join in when she’s sewing, baking or taking pictures. I’m getting pretty good at taking pictures, playing Disney songs on the piano and emptying the dishwasher.  

       Mom takes a lot of pictures of me and my sister so she can post them on the blog she keeps for our birthparents. She says she really likes photography and says that our blogs are a great way to record all of the exciting things we do. She also uses the pictures she takes to make photo books. Documenting our lives is one of her many hobbies.  I have quite the collection of  books about my life already, and I'm not even nine!  

       Dad loves music, so sometimes he dances with me and twirls me around and around or sings and plays the piano.  I try to play the piano while singing at the top of my lungs too.  Dad has been teaching me the basics and it's fun to play duets.  On most days though, if I’m not making music I’m probably practicing my ballet moves, cartwheels or just letting loose in the living room.  I love going to dance classes at a nearby studio and I especially enjoy performing for my friends and family.   I have competitions and a recital coming up soon.

       Dad lets me help out when he works in the backyard. He lets me play in the sprinklers and sometimes takes me for a dip in the pool when we’re all done because he knows how much I love the water. We swim all the time in the summer, especially now that I can swim on my own. Dad also lets me help when he’s cooking. He makes a mean stir-fry and my favorite, Pot Stickers. I always try to use my chopsticks like my dad, but sometimes my fingers just work better. I sure enjoy eating his yummy homemade Chinese food.  Dad can make dinner because, I prefer to make dessert!

       I am so glad that Katelyn joined our family.  Though we are four years apart, we have a great time together.  We have so much fun playing with our "Little People", cooking in our pretend kitchen and building tall towers and castles with our blocks.  We color all the time too, even though Katelyn's pictures are usually more scribbles, but she's getting better.  Sidewalk chalk goes fast around here!  I can tell that she wants to be like me, because she always wants to do whatever I am doing and lets me read to her, especially before bed.  I sure love having her as a sister. 

       As a family, we travel often. I’ve been to 18+ states so far, and I’m already collecting stamps in my passport. Mom and Dad are always looking for new places to explore, so I’m sure we’ll be traveling more soon. What better way for me to learn about other cultures, people and places!  I can 't wait to get back to Germany and France, though I'd love to go in the summer next time.  Lately, we've been spending lots of time at my favorite vacation spot, Walt Disneyworld, in Florida.  You can never really have too much Disney!  Mom makes me all sorts of Disney costumes for me to wear.

       If you want to know more about our family you can email or call my Mom and Dad. I know they’d be happy to answer any questions you have and tell you about their desire for an open adoption. They really love adoption, especially since it’s the reason they have ME and my little sister! We are all ecstatic about the idea of growing our family through adoption.

           With Love,