Our Family:

     As a family we enjoy all sorts of board games, traveling, watching movies together, dancing in the living room, swimming, reading, cooking/baking and eating ice cream.  We enjoy doing most things together and would rather spend our time with each other than with anyone else, but we have lots of extended family that we see often.  We love each other very much and make sure to give lots of hugs and kisses every day. Whether we’re curling up on the couch with a great Disney movie, playing games, or cleaning the kitchen, we just enjoy being near each other. 

     We love open adoption and are so glad that we get to grow our family through such a miracle.  We have been blessed so much already. 


About Josh:

Josh     Josh works full time as the Director of an online masters degree program and works with faculty and students from all over the world. He speaks Hmong, Mandarin Chinese and some Spanish, has lived abroad, has a passport full of stamps, and loves to learn about other cultures and languages. His favorite two parts of his job are to help students advance their careers and to travel internationally (on the school's dime)!

     Josh is great at tracking our finances and takes pleasure in planning and preparing for our future. Josh is intelligent, kind, supportive and very even tempered.  

     Josh is a percussionist at heart and plays both the drums and the piano. He has very eclectic musical tastes, celebrates others’ talents, is an avid supporter and admirer of the arts, enjoys attending the symphony, dance and drama productions, and loves to sing.

About Andrea:

Andrea     Andrea is very grateful to be a stay-at-home mom and thoroughly enjoys watching her girls grow and learn. She loves blogging about their daily discoveries, activities and development and taking photographs of them. Designing printed books of her photos and blog entries is a favorite hobby and her way of recording the best parts of life.

     Andrea has a passion for travel and eagerly plans our family vacations. Learning all about and traveling to new places is a constant aspiration. She hopes that traveling as a family will encourage our children to experience other cultures and people. Whitewater rafting in New Zealand, climbing the Great Wall in China and eating schnitzel in Austria are some of her most memorable experiences.

     Andrea has always been a big Disney enthusiast, often rereads Harry Potter novels, enjoys event planning, is a fan of Doctor Who and other sci-fi shows, experiments with desktop publishing, and relishes Pride and Prejudice marathons. Playing “Ticket To Ride: Europe,” cuddling with her girls, finding good shopping deals and eating ice cream round out her list of favorite things to do. 

About Lily:

Lily     Lily, our beautiful eight-year old is bright, full of energy, and growing up way too fast. A friend to everyone, she is the life of the party and delights in sharing her talents with those around her. She has become an avid storyteller, dances and sings daily, is learning to take photographs, practices tumbling moves and plays the piano.  She enjoys cosplay, choir, creative writing and all things Harry Potter.  She is more sensitive than anyone thinks, loves high heeled shoes and always wants to help those who are less fortunate than her. 

     Her favorite things include attending school, singing at the top of her lungs, swimming in the pool, riding roller coasters, learning new moves in dance class, autographs from Disney characters and microwave popcorn. Lily loves to read, practice American Sign Language and show off her splits. She is hopeful to one day have a pet, visit China and become a "rock star" or an author/illustrator. Miss Lily is very independent with lots of energy, and would choose just about anything over sleep, because, according to her, "sleeping is boring."  She's ready to become a tween, even though she has a few more years and she's already got that "teenager attitude", but she's going to do great things!

     Lily's loving birthparents placed her in our home in the spring 2008.  

About Katelyn:

Katelyn     Katelyn, our constantly curious four-year old is the most recent addition to our family.  She was placed in our home by her loving birthmother early in 2012 and we have been smitten by her ever since.  She is an intelligent vivacious preschooler who captures everyone's heart, the moment they meet her.  

    Katelyn is inquisitive by nature and always exploring.  She wants to know everything about Astronomy and often asks to read books about Anatomy, so she can understand how the body works.  She's excellent at putting together puzzles and has an incredible imagination.  She is very helpful and always wants to be a part of the action, especially when it comes to playing with her sister.  She's just mischievous enough to keep us hopping and huggable enough to keep us wrapped around her little finger.  She loves to sing, eat Popsicles, take care of the garden, visit Disneyworld, and chow down on an entire container of strawberries, or any berries really, in one sitting.  She is a very quick learner and has a fantastic memory.

   Katelyn is a cuddle bug who likes to bake with her mom, swim with her dad and tumble with her sister.  She thinks having cousins nearby is the greatest, her preschool teacher is the best and Grandmas and Grandpas were made just for her.