About Katelyn

Here are a few of her favorites--

Food: Mangoes, Pears, Cottage Cheese, Raspberries, Strawberries, Peaches

Toy: Playdoh, Shopkins, Stuffed Animals, Little People

Hobbies: Gardening, Dancing, Coloring, Astronomy, Swimming, ASL 

TV: Ready Jet Go, Shimmer and Shine

Snack: Pears, Applesauce

Planet: Saturn

Dessert: Ice Cream, Cupcakes

Disney Princess: Ariel

Pet Peeves: Loud Noises, Having her hair brushed

About Lilian

Here are a few of her favorites--

Books: Harry Potter, Junie B. Jones series, Jellybeans Series

Hobbies: Reading, ASL, Dancing, Listening to Music, Drawing, Piano, Singing, Swimming

Movies: Harry Potter 1-8

TV: Anything Disney, Signing Time

Foods: Potstickers, Curry Chicken, Pizza

Sport: Tap, Ballet and Swimming

Snack: Popcorn

Vacation Spot: Walt Disney World 

Outing: Library

Lily's Letter